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Robert Ditizio Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
6th Grade Social Studies , 7th Grade Social Studies, 8th Grade Social Studies


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BA- Rutgers University (2009)

  • Major- United States History 
  • Minor- English Literature





Pitman Middle School- 7 Years (Grades 6/7/8)

Student Teaching Experience- Pennsville Memorial High School


  • Teacher of Social Studies K-12
  • Teacher of English K-12






My name is Robert DiTizio and I am excited to begin the new school year. This is my seventh year teaching Social Studies at Pitman Middle School. I believe that students learn in different ways and require modes of instruction and assessment that cater to their strengths while addressing potential weaknesses. My approach to teaching Social Studies is rooted in the use of technology and differentiated instruction/ assessment. Over the course of the school year my students will work to refine their skills in the areas of structured writing tasks, the analysis of sources (primary/ secondary), project based learning, and note-taking skills. The development of these skills will lead to spirited and productive debates about our nation’s past, present, and future. Studying history transforms young learners into informed citizens who utilize knowledge of the past to shape society of the present and future. This website contains information, homework, and enrichment activities that are essential for success in my classes.






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