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Robert Tender Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
6th Grade Health, 6th Grade Phys. Ed., 7th Grade Health, 7th Grade Phys. Ed., 8th Grade Health, 8th Grade Phys. Ed.



My Physical Education Teaching Philosophy


Being a teacher has many intangible benefits that make teaching a wonderful job. It's amazing to have an opportunity to impact so many people's lives that could forever affect them in a positive way. By being a Health and Exercise Science (HES) teacher, I will have the opportunity to teach children about the importance of health and physical education. Many times it is often overlooked, despite its importance in everyday life. PE promotes an active adult lifestyle in such a time where more people live sedentary lifestyles.

It's important to provide students with movement skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives, not only in sport and game settings, but also in everyday life. Students will learn not only to live active lifestyles, but will also develop social skills. Students will learn how to interact in social settings, participate in group functions, and build trust in the peers, and confidence in their own abilities.

Due to the diverse population of students PE teachers will come across, my main goal cannot be just to teach skills and confidence in games such as volleyball, basketball, and baseball. I must diversify to meet all of their students needs. I must strive to teach ways for children to continue healthy lifestyles into adulthood and to promote fitness.

Students will learn proper skills and movements, which will give them the confidence they need to participate in activities and game settings. Students will have confidence in their abilities to perform a skill that will ultimately lead to increased motivation in games, activities, and fitness.  The main points that must be expressed by a PE teacher is to promote a good social setting as well as safe and a helpful learning environment. I will have many group and team building activities that will make all students feel comfortable with one another and build trust. Skills will not only be demonstrated by the teacher. I may also use visual aids, hand outs and other resources to reach to all of the students learning styles.

HES teachers are faced with a dilemma. There are some students that will excel in the lessons that are taught, but many students may fall between the cracks. It would be important to focus on building team unity. Not every student will have the same athletic ability, but it is important that every student walks away with a new found confidence and outlook on physical education. By broadening the curriculum to focus on activities that promotes team work, students will learn that everyone has something to contribute to the whole.




"Health is worth more than learning."

--Thomas Jefferson,
3rd American president



Pitman Middle School Health and PE Teacher 2006 - Present

Student Teaching – Kingsway Regional HS

Student Teaching – Woodbury Heights Elementary School



Rowan University

Bachelor of: Health and Exercise Science/Teacher Certification

GPA: 3.4/4.0

Dean’s List Spring 2003, Fall 2003, Spring 2004, Fall 2004, Fall 2005

Certifications / Accomplishments

Philadelphia Inquirer Men’s Swimming Academic All Area Team 2005-2006

NCAA Diver for Rowan University

Life Guard Certification



WSI (Water Safety Instruction)

Random Information about Mr. Tender

Music is a big part of my life, I play the guitar, drums, and piano; and I listen to all types of music. I stay active by working out, riding my bike, snowboarding, wakeboarding, riding dirt bikes, beach volleyball, rock climbing, hiking, mount. biking and anything else that gets me outside and moving!! I coach Diving for Pitman and Delsea High School. My favorite food is chicken tenders!!



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