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Melanie Matthews Staff Photo
Ms.  Melanie  Matthews
Related Arts (Computer Technology)
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Class Information


Students have computer technology classes for one semester in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

On Study Island class pages, there will be some information about daily assignments and links to the web pages used in their class.

Link to Study Island:

Absence Policy

If a student is absent, they may be able to make up some of the work by logging into Study Island, and clicking on their Computer Technology Class Page and the date they were absent.

Each student has their own Study Island user name and password.

User Information

Password is their network password


Khan Academy


This year, I will be using Khan Academy in my computer classes to personalize learning for students!

 Khan Academy is a free online resource that allows students to learn anytime, anywhere, with material that is uniquely appropriate for them. Students can explore new topics and practice their math skills by using interactive exercises, videos, and tutorials. As students learn, their activity feeds into reports that show important information such as strengths and weaknesses in a particular concept. By using Khan Academy, I will be able to provide a more personalized learning experience for your child.




ePALS connects 4.5 million students and teachers in 191 countries for teacher-designed cross-cultural and interactive projects. Students will use monitored email, language translation, discussion boards, maps and more to work and learn together. They will collaborate on school projects, practice foreign language skills and establish international friendships.

Parents must sign a consent form to participate in all of the components of this project.  I will read and approve all e-mails that students write prior to them being sent.  They will not be allowed to provide any personal information in their e-mails.

If I do not receive a consent form from a student, they will still have access to some of the lessons, but they will not be given an anonymous e-Pal email account nor be allowed to communicate with other students.




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