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8th grade Motion and Forces
Ch 1 flashcards

ch 2 Newton's laws flashcards

soda bottle rockets

more soda bottle rocket info

Great summary of how Newton's laws work on the rocket on page 10!

build a mobile game

rocket research

6th grade Cells and Biology
Cell flashcards

8th grade Cells and Genetics
karyotype activity

cell game

ch 1 Cells whole chapter

Ch 1 Cell parts flashcards

Cell parts tutorial and games

cell part quiz game site

ch 2 Cell flashcards

illuminating photosynthesis

photosynthesis and respiration flashcards

Ch 3 Cell flashcards

First 8 cards will prepare you for the vocab quiz

genetic term matching game

ch 3 vocab quiz flashcards

advanced genetics

Interactive Human Body

DNA workshop

dna profiling

practice punnetts

more ch 3 genetics flashcards

virtual frog dissection

Take notes that you think are important.

help identifying critters in pond water

8th grade misc and current events
Water Jelly Crystals and more

Women in STEM

General Science
" Science News for Students" website

Has a variety of topics related to science.  Search by topic if you'd like.

"Science Daily"

Try this at home

Things to try when you're bored!

Insect identification

make an app

exploratorium snacks

Need a brain snack?  Check out these links.

guide to microscopic creatures found in pond water

Links to links

Lots of links for different science topics

blue measuring practice

measuring with cm practice

build a metric shed

practice your conversion skills.  Remember:  1000mm = 1m;  100 cm = 1m

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