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8th grade Astronomy
ch 1 Earth and Sun flashcard

Season Internet Activity

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Season Internet Activity

  1. The      Earth bulges just a bit at what point?


Click More Earth facts


  1. What      is the distance around Earth at it’s widest point?        


  1. How      old is the Earth?                                    

Now continue


  1. What      is the closest star to Earth?                   


  1. How      far away is it?                                        


  1. What      is the shape of the planet’s orbits around this star?     


  1. The answer      to the Orbit question is:  

Now hit ”More info about planet tilt”      


  1. Which      planet is tilted at almost a right angle?           


  1. Which      planet is   tilted so much that it      rotates “backwards”?           


  1. What      is the answer to “A Question about the Seasons?”      


  1. What      is different about the sun’s position in the sky in summer and winter


  1. Draw      the Earth’s tilt when it is summer inBritain/



Skip the Torch Experiment


  1. What      is the answer to “ What have you learnt?”    


  1. Choose      Seasons in other countries.

What is the answer to the quiz question?


Try out the Sun tracker. Choose Pitman first on the map.

  1. What      is our approximate location?
  2. See      the difference in the sun’s path for the months of the equinoxes and the      solstices. Try another place in a      different hemisphere and a different latitude. Write what you notice here.


Up to date sky information

another link to keep up with the sky

planet images

8th grade misc
Water Jelly Crystals and more

blue measuring practice

measuring with cm practice

build a metric shed

practice your conversion skills.  Remember:  1000mm = 1m;  100 cm = 1m


General Science
" Science News for Students" website

Has a variety of topics related to science.  Search by topic if you'd like.


"Science Daily"

Links to links

Lots of links for different science topics